McAfee Endpoint Encryption use industrial encryption algorithms including AES-256 and RC5-1024 for strong protection. This ensures full protection of desktop PCs, laptops, network files and folders, removable media, and USB storage devices.

This blog contains references to other blogs within this site describing the overall enrollment process and the monitoring support of this product.
Incompatible products

McAfee released a list of incompatible products (Table 1) which should not be installed besides Endpoint Encryption 4.6.x. The full disc encryption feature of the listed programs may intervene with McAfee’s disc encryption and vice versa. Incompatible products are detected during the activation phase of McAfee. McAfee Endpoint Encryption will monitor certain files in the Windows driver folder to ensure such programs and features do not exist. If detected, the activation cannot complete and the client is not protected. The McAfee server can be used to monitor the state of the client for better support. For more details about monitoring the client see: Maintaining Clients and Filter setup.

Table 1
Safeguard for Mac HP ProtectTools Drive Encryption
SafeGuardEasy (also version 550) HP OEM client
SafeNet ProtectDrive HP ProtectTools FVE
BitLocker GuardianEdge
SafeBoot (Windows and Mac) PointSec6
TrueCrypt (Windows and Mac) Wave Trusted Drive Manager
PGP (Windows and Mac) Symantec Endpoint Encryption


McAfee can be manually enrolled on the client or deployed by the server. Each method has its own benefits. Before you enroll this product, manually deploy a couple of clients first. You will have a better understanding of the problems you may encounter during massive deployment.

+ Incompatible products can be removed directly;
+ Upgrade process monitored by Service desk Engineer;
+ VPN can be established to complete the activation process if the user is in a remote location;
- Slow upgrade process: 1 by 1;

+ Faster enrollment process: McAfee can be pushed to multiple clients;
- End status of the McAfee agent may vary: Unmanaged, Upgradable;
This indicates that the enrollment process is not completed and a Service desk Engineer needs to monitor the client and complete the activation.

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