The steps described below will push the McAfee agent to the client, which will activate over time. It is important to review the clients with the upgradable and unmanaged status. The setup of these filters are described in Filter Setup

  1. On the main page select the System Tree;
  2. Select the group in the system tree that corrrespond with the computer name of the client.
  3. Select System Tree Actions;
  4. Select New Systems;
  5. The “New Systems” window appears;
  6. Push agents and add systems to the current group (your group) is selected by default;
  7. In the Target systems, enter the computer name(s) of the client(s);
  8. Select the Agent version for the client operating system;
  9. Apply your Admin credentials;

Optional: remember my credentials for future deployments,
If your admin credentials are outdated the installation will always fail without a notification.

10. Leave the other options default;
11. Press ok (right bottom).
* It may take some time before the client is activated automatically.
The steps described in the enrollment section enforces the activation proces.

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