There are various filters which can be used to maintain the clients Endpoint Endcryption state.

  • “Active” Enrollment succeeded
  • “Inactive” Enrollment succeeded, unable to contact the EPO server (remote location, no vpn usage)
  • “Unmanaged” Software pushed by the server didn’t reach the client.
  • “Upgradable” Software is installed, but didn’t activate properly (remote location, or incompatible products)

Create the Filters

1. Select the System Tree
2. Select the custom combo box
3. Select Add….

4. In the left area are properties which can be added to the filter select the arrow icon to add the filter.

Active, Inactive, Upgradable Filter settings
1. Apply the State (system property), and select the state you want to filter;

2. Select Update Filter in the right corner of the screen to apply the filter.

Unmanaged Filter settings
For the unmanaged filter settings apply the Managed State property:

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